well its been a while…

Where should I begin? The last 18 months have been ‘eventful’. Since my last full post (September 2009), in addition to many other big life changes, Sugar Daddy and I got married and we decided to make our full-time home in California. After 13 months of going through the immigration process which included what seemed like a rain forest of paperwork, I got approved for my Green Card on Wednesday … yah! Leaving England has been a major upheaval and without boring you with the detail, its meant that there’s been no time for SL at all, hence no blogging or completion of any of the other projects I had in mind. Now my RL is settled and happy, it seems I have some free-time on my hands again. I’ve been brushing up on some old skills and learning some news ones and that has led me back to my second love, Second Life. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing in my next second life, but whilst I’m making my mind up, I really wanted to post some shots I completed before I left; not least because some of the items featured were so very generously donated by designers who I would like to thank and credit. These shots (which I’ll post gradually over the next couple of weeks) were intended for a magazine which I never had the chance to complete. It’s nice to be back – Dolly xxx.


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6 responses to “well its been a while…

  1. Mangosio Lohner

    Welcome back 🙂

  2. Chance G.

    HEEEEEEY!!!! OMG this made my day seeing you post again! And wow in the States now! HUUUUGS TO YOU!! xoxox!

    • Hehehehehe – you are so lovely ;). Yeah, but being in the states means we’re on different time zones now :(. I’ll keep looking for you online though – it would be great to catch up. I wanted to ask you about the post you did for the mag as well. Take care for now xxx.

  3. Chance G.

    Mail me anytime!
    I am not in world so much these days!

  4. oh dolly… how I have missed you so ❤
    *HUGS* you and your genius mind

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