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Flower Power…

RL has kept me very busy over the last couple of weeks (hence no posts), not least in the garden where I’ve been enjoying the British Summertime (and Pims on the lawn in the afternoon). Subsequently, I’ve been unable to think of little else than the great outdoors, flowers, plants and such. I don’t know whether its my current interest in the garden or whether my obsession is being mirrored in SL, but in-world I seem to see flowers wherever I look. I am sure that the current craze for all things floral in SL fashion has been heavily influenced by Paper Couture’s truly inspirational Spring collection and the RL trend for flower prints. Whatever the reason, being a proper girlie girl, I am loving it. My inventory is so blooming with pieces featuring flowers, it was hard to know which ones to pick for this post. I hope you enjoy my selection <3.


Hair: House of Heart Breeze Hair in Birch (Browns pack) (L$195)

Glasses: HOC Industries Skinny Framed Glasses (L$40)

Jumper: Maitreya Savoir Turtleneck Top in Beige (L$225)

Blouse: L’Abel Sigrid Lime Shirt (part of the Sigrid Gift Dress from Nef) (L$1)

Trousers: artilleri Fererra Pants (part of the Fererra outfit) (L$1)

Necklace: Shiny Things Knotted Bead Strand Necklace in Mother of Pearl (modified to wear in pocket) (L$0)

Shoes: Kalnins Coquette Shoes (L$500)


Hat: Sixty-nine Allure Hat (L$150)

Nail Polish: Candy Nail Clear Glitter French Nails – former Pick Gift (no longer available)

Corset: Royal Blue Body Con Is Not Dead in Silver (L$100)

Necklace: Atelier AM Layered Flower Necklace in Pink (L$170)

Bracelet: ::MEZZO:: Double Bangle Rameacryl in Silvergray (fat pack) (L$75)

Jacket: K.I.T. Gabrielle Jacket in White (L$280)

Trousers: LeLutka Mick Pants in Pink – (pre-release – coming soon) (L$0)

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Vivien Shoes in Silver Patent (Price and LM not available at the time of posting due to sim closure for remodelling)


Hair: MIASNOW Wild Woman Hair (L$100)

Nail Polish: Armidi True Enhance Painted Nails in Cherry II (L$90)

Corset (under): Fashionably Dead Fire Compound Top in Grey (part of the Fire Compound Dress) (L$275)

Corset (over): Kyoot Classic Black Austere Corset (L$90)

Necklace: Icing Rose Ribbon Choker (L$195)

Gloves: Creative Kaoz Dainty Lace Gloves in Black (L$25)

Skirt: Royal Blue Spring Bum Skirt in Romance (L$250)

Leggings: Lost Dreams Leather Trend Leggings in Black (L$90)

Boots: BAX Ankle Boots in Black Patent (L$700)

Pose: ..::DARE::.. Field Flower (L$50)


Hair: WAKA & Yuki 84 Hair in Pink (Pack B) (L$100)

Earrings: [glow] Studio Bad Flower Earrings (L$160)

Corset: Icing Casablanca Top (part of the Casablanca outfit) (Chest Lillies modified to wear on skirt) (L$350)

Handbag: Gisele Maman Bag in Maroon (L$280)

Skirt: Beauty Avatar Couture Charlotte Peach Skirt (part of the Charlotte outfit) (L$400)

Stockings: ..::DARE::.. Lace Stockings in Bronzy (L$50)

Shoes: : Paper Couture Ava Signature Shoes (L$260)

Pose: ..::DARE::.. Ssshape (L$50)


1. A big thank you to Sheltered Heart for sending me the new hair styles from House of Heart. I love it when designers send me things because they value my opinion; it gives me the warm fuzzies :). However, I won’t include review items in my posts unless I absolutely love them and the Breeze style certainly fits into the latter category. The flowers are scripted with an abundance of colour options and are beautifully sculpted, and I adore the flexi curls. House of Heart Breeze Hair in Birch (Browns pack) (L$195)

2. If you’ve read my first ever post, you’ll know that I wasn’t a fan of handbags because I don’t think they work well with AO’s. Well I’m pleased to see things have moved on since then and that designers are now starting to include poses with their bags. Hurrah! This cute little bag includes two nice poses (side and front) and comes in a twin-pack with maroon (illustrated) and ecru options. Gisele Maman Bag in Maroon (L$280)

3. This neckband from Icing is delightful and different. It’s incredibly detailed and well crafted, especially the feathers which waft when you move. Icing Rose Ribbon Choker (L$195)

4. What I like best about this necklace is the placement of the pearl strand layers which gives it a natural feeling of movement. It’s a nice length which works with a lot of outfits and is offered in flower and non-flower options and in a range of shades at the main Atelier AM store. Atelier AM Layered Flower Necklace in Pink (L$170)

5. The designers at [glow] Studio are prolific in their brilliance right now and every week it seems as if they gift us with yet another selection of accessory goodies. I was just preparing for this post when Linka Demina dropped these new earrings on me … perfect timing … thank you Linka! [glow] Studio Bad Flower Earrings (L$160)


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Dare to Bare…

No, I haven’t gone all Playboy on you… this post is about the latest trend for sculpted toe shoes. Some controversy surrounding ‘real toes’ has existed for a while, but with the launch of the new Stiletto Moody BARE range, and the following on of other major Second Life Shoe Designers, it looks like sculptie toes are most definitely in vogue. Personally, I’m pleased to see the growth in their popularity; I think they’re a vast improvement on the standard avatar feet and can’t see why some find them creepy (unlike other prim body parts I could mention!). So, I guess the question is… toe be or not toe be?


Hair: TRUTH Rachel in Brownie (Browns2 Pack) (L$50) – get it here

Nail Polish: Reale Manicure in Wine (L$0) – get it here

Bracelet: Armidi Gisaci Glitz Bangle Combo Assorted 17 (L$225) – get it here

Shoes: SLink Glamour Platforms in Black (L$500) – get them here


Hair: Frangipani Designs Rachel in Hazelnut (Brown Pack) – location and price not available at time of publication due to moving of main store

Bracelets: Zaara Indian Bangles (L$5) – get them here

Shoes: J’s Real Toe Cross Belt Sandals in Pearl Beige (L$380) – get them here


Hair: TRUTH Elizabeth in Walnut (Browns1 Pack) (L$50) – get it here

Nail Polish: Armidi True Enhance Painted Nails Gold II (L$90) – get it here

Earrings: +plus Circles Earring in Dark Gold – Peace on Earth Gift (no longer available)

Scarf: Muism Crinkle Scarf in Bronze (L$200) – get it here

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Audrey in Gold Patent (L$1,899) – get them here

All shoes come with a modify menu enabling you to change toenail colour, skin colour (to tone in with you existing skin), and toe ring options.  SLink’s shoes are controlled via an easy-to-use hud, but all can be tricky to edit and may not be suitable for those inexperienced in modifying objects (I found this to be especially the case with Stiletto Moody’s shoes).  Both Stiletto Moody and SLink shoes offer the option of alternative metal finishes, whilst J’s offer a choice of 3 straps (3 styles of the price of one!).

Price points vary greatly and, in my opinion, the higher priced versions don’t necessarily mean better design, quality or fit. At 6ft tall, I’m a small avatar in comparison to many others and find the toes on the SLink shoes a little large for my liking.  The shoe detail is great though as is that on the Stiletto Moody BARE range, but the price point on the latter may be beyond the reach of many avatars and represents the emergence of the worrying ‘Second Life Elite Designer Brand’.

One last note… be careful combining multiple face lights with sculptie toes. Whilst I’ve never experienced it myself (only ever wearing a maximum of one face light), face lights can affect the shading of the toes even if you colour match them well, giving you a serious case of corpse toe!



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