Fashion Disaster…

Oh dear, oh dear … life’s just about as chaotic as it can be right now. I’m not complaining, I like to keep busy, but I would like more SL playtime. My RL wardrobe is a nightmare and my SL inventory is equally disorderly. I will get around to organising them both (eventually), but in the meantime just about had enough time to put this post together featuring my favourite ‘on trend’ colour pallet of the moment … black and champagne. I reckon you’ll either love or hate this looks. Whether they float your boat, or you think they’re a disaster, I had fun putting this post together. I hope you enjoy the piccies :).

(PS – As so many of you liked the black cat from Film Noir, he’s making another appearance. Unfortunately, the cat isn’t from SL … he’s my Deviant Art pet … I think I will call him Hector.)



Hair: REDGRAVE Sakura Curly Bob Hair in Blond (L$150)

Hat: LaGyo Special Beige Fedora (L$180)

Blouse: BareRose (Fantasy Section) Miss Quin Shirt (part of the Miss Quin outfit) (tinted R:255/G:237/B:186) (L$140)

Bracelet: Bliensen + MaiTai Industrial Revolution Bracelet (L$170)

Shorts: LeLutka Michelle Pants in Tan (L$325)

Watch: Denver Hax Free Chiming Pocket Watch (case tinted R:32/G:32/B:32) (L$0)

Leggings: Lost Dreams Leather Trend Leggings in Cream (L$90)

Boots: BAX Ankle Boots in Black Patent (L$700)



Hair: Vanity Hair Babilone Hair in Essence (Blond pack) (L$250)

Earrings, Choker & Bracelets: Eclectica Deco Pearl Strand Set in Gold (L$300)

Necklace: fashionably dead Goth Necklaces (L$150)

Dress: Paper Couture Vivian Italiano Rose Skirt and Bodice (part of the Vivian Italiano Rose outfit) (L$600)

Corset: Trilobiteware Brocadey Underbust Corset in Star (fatpack) (tinted R:255/G:255/B:204) (L$250)

Boots: Bettie’s Victorian Ankle Boots (L$300)



Hair: LeLutka Jean Hair in Platinum (Peroxides pack) (L$225)

Headpiece: AMARIAH Mist Black Crochet Dress Feather Hair Accessory (part of the Mist Black Crochet Lace Bubble Dress outfit) (L$389)

Blouse: Stylissimo Twisted Victoria Shirt (part of the Twisted Victoria dress) (L$450)

Dress and Gloves: M*A*ii*K*I Poof Gloves in Black and Poof Top/Skirt in Champagne (part of the Poof & Skirt Champagne outfit) (L$550)

Necklace: So Many Styles Pearl Necklace in Black (L$120)

Stockings: Curio Obscura Free Copper Stockings (L$0)

Boots: BareRose (Shoes Section) Short Ballet Boots in Black (fatpack) (L$135)


Last, but by no means least, I would like to shout out a huge thank you to Chance Greatrex, creator of ..::DARE::.. poses, for assisting me with this post. As well as the range of poses (and clothing items) you can purchase in-store, Chance has just started a commission service (full perm if required) and is already working with some big names in SL. I commissioned these poses from Chance and they’re now available for sale at Chance’s main store in Camorro. He is an absolute delight to work with, adorable, and hugely talented. In RL, Chance has a dance background and his knowledge of human movement is obvious when you see his poses which are, in my opinion, the most innovative in SL. Visit the ..::DARE::.. main store or IM Chance Greatrex in-world for details of his commission service.

One of the first things I do when I unpack and try on an item is see whether I can tint it. Tintable items offer so much versatility and you can create unique, particularly mix ‘n’ match looks using them. For non-prim items, right click your avatar and select Appearance. Then select the item you would like to tint under the Clothes heading. For prim items, right click over the item, select edit and then look for the Textures tab. Remember to make a copy before tinting!


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21 responses to “Fashion Disaster…

  1. It was a delight to work with you, and I hope we do more! This post left me speachless! OMG, ❤ the broken up images!!
    Thank you Dolly! HUGS!

  2. I saw these over at chance’s store and was just blown away by how awesome the pictures look ^^ Great work! I particularly love the little details of how the background is moving and changing corresponding to the poses — you put great thought in your work and it really shows. I feel like there’s a story behind the things you do 🙂

    Loved the 3rd look by the way! Those are some awesome shoes!

  3. wow i have to say i’ve never seen your blog before now , but after i followed the link from chance’s i agree completely with anya. these photos are extremely well done and all these outfits are just fabulous!

  4. Alyse

    Fabulous post!

  5. icampese

    i can’t hate this post, i just love it! Great work with the outfits as well, glad there’s a piece of my work in these! Thank u!

    • Thanks so much once again Chance. I’m so pleased that you like the way the post turned out. I visited your store and the pics in frames look AMAZING! Can’t wait to do it again :).

      Anya, I know you helped Chance with research for the poses – thank you so much. Aren’t those boots incredible? I love BareRose – it’s like a glorious jumble sale. I could be happily lost in there for hours. LOL!

      GG, I didn’t know about your blog either until I got your comment. Very nice :). I love finding new gems. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

      Thanks so much also Alyse and Serene :D.

      Irie, your new work is outstanding … thanks so much for sending it to me and I was an absolute pleasure to include the necklace. Expect to see more on this blog! Thanks for your comments.

  6. O_O This is not a fashion disaster! Its couture! I simply love these post! The pictures are awesomely done and are totally ANTM material hahaz. They really do tell a story. The styling is awesome too! I agrees with you. Tinting is a wonderful tool and really can really help customize an outfit. ❤

    • Thanks so very much Tomoyo for your lovely comments :).

      Irie … mortified … I left off the details of the great pearl necklace you sent me (thanks Chance for pointing it out!). So, I’ve posted details of the necklace and its fab fab fab and available in many colours in-store. Go now … what are you waiting for?! 😉

  7. I like the stories in your work. There is something more there then fashion… Its not just the clothes, you need more to express yourself.

  8. icampese

    oh, lol, thanks for updating details haha, and np about that:D

    • Anemysk, thank you, yes, I do like to play out my creativity with these posts. It’s one of my favourite past times and I’m so pleased that people enjoy looking at the results.

      Irie .. thank you!

  9. Marianne

    You are a real inspiration!

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  11. awesome post!!! and hey! …you found the redgrave hair! 🙂

    • Hi Angelllina. Thanks so much :D. Yeah Emilia was so great and sent me the hair and then spoon fed me the details of how to find it (she even sent me a snapshot inworld with where the hair is with a big red circle drawn around it … LOL!). Anyhow, turned out the problem was for me that I couldn’t see the vendor from the ground floor of the store (the hair is with the Sakura skins on the balcony on the upper floor). My viewer could only see it if I stood Dolly right in front of the Sakura Pale skin board. Don’t know if anyone else has been having the same problem, but if you can’t find it … that’s what you need to do :).

  12. hello Dolly, lol that reminds of a famous song Oo anyway awesome post. thank you for featuring Bax Coen designs you post is now up in our feat Blog panel at the main store :)) keep up the great work.

    SerinaJane Loon
    Bax Coen designs Managing Director

  13. nilgiha


  14. I love those leggings, Curio Obscura is in my top 10 creative stores and I love seeing people use their stuff! And those boots- awesome! I love this look, nice work hun! <3Abra

  15. Sienna Fredriksson

    Once again, I’m speechless Dolly! I absolutely love your blog pieces – keep them coming ❤

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