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Animal Instincts…

Well life has just been hectic of late (hence the lack of recent postings). I’ve been away with Sugar Daddy again, but now we’re back at the Californian ‘des res’ for a welcome slice of home life before setting off on our travels again next week. I’ve had a selection of animal print items in my inventory for a good while now and I’ve been meaning to write a piece about them. As I’ve been having such a wild time of it, now seems like the appropriate moment to do just that! I find animal prints awfully difficult to style; they seem to make such a statement and its so easy to overdo it. This post has been a real challenge for me so I hope you like it! (No animals were harmed in the making of this post ;))


Hair: MIRAI STYLE Caly Hair in Latte (Chocolate & Latte Pack) (L$200) – get it here

Headband: chicoco Flower Katsusha in Check (L$65) – get it here

Jumper: Maitreya Savoir Turtleneck Top in Beige (L$225) – get it here

Top: Pink Outfitters Loren Sheer Blouse in Zebra (L$100) – get it here

Necklace: MALT Fashions Color Change Loveable Necklace – Runway Fashion Week Gift (no longer available)

Skirt: Emery High Waist Black Skirt (L$125) – get it here

Boots: GBL Stunner Revolver Boots in Zebra (L$150) – get them here


Hair: ETD Sea Nymph Hair in Abyss – location and price not available at time of publication due to sim closure for remodelling

Leotard: Sn@tch Sex Kitten Bodysuit in Gold (Fatpack) (L$325) – get it here

Socks: Shiny Things Knit Knee Socks in Brown (Dark’s Pack) (L$99 ) – get them here

Boots: BAX Ankle Boots in Black Patent (L$700) – get them here


Hair: Aden WindBlown Hair in Light Brown – Vintage (no longer available)

Sunglasses: +plus Snowtime Sunglasses in Snake (L$90) – get them here

Coat: Bijou Grandene Coat in Mink (L$550) – get it here

Bag: FabulouS Hustla Bag in Croco (Fatpack) (L$150) – get it here

Tights: Digit Darkes Striped Tintable Tights (Fatpack) (L$200) – get them here

Socks: Maitreya Sculpted Socks in Black (L$75) –  get them here

Boots: Tesla Hylda Boots in Brown Snake (L$399) – get them here


1. Tesla Hylda Boots in Brown Snake (L$399) – get them here

2. When I saw the textures on the reverse of this leotard, I just knew that it had to be photographed from behind. However, the shaping and detail on the front is just as good. It’s totally outrageous, but glorious! If you’re too chicken to bare all, my advice would be to combine it with some long boots, leggings and a jacket. Sn@tch Sex Kitten Bodysuit in Gold (Fatpack) (L$325) – get it here

3. +plus Snowtime Sunglasses in Snake (L$90) – get them here

4. This bag is truly FabulouS. It has lovely detailing on the front and the reverse has some dollar bills and a credit card inserted into the ribbon (nice touch). The pack comes with 3 animal skin finishes – Crocodile, Stag and Snake. FabulouS Hustla Bag in Croco (Fatpack) (L$150) – get it here

5. These Stunner Revolver Boots boots are usually L$450, but right now you can pick them up for the special price of L$150 at this location only and for a limited time.  Go get ’em Cowgirl!

*** A BIG thank you to Jon Haskell, creator of Sculpty Creations and maker of all the animals featured in this post, for lending the creatures to me. Jon has a terrific menagerie of animals at his store and it’s well worth a visit! Click here to visit Sculpty Creations ***

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Maitreya’s most recent release, their sculpted top and belt combo, is the latest in a line of brilliant creations Second Life Designers have given us incorporating the use of sculpties to create draped fabrics.  If you’re a follower of SL fashion, you’ll have seen this piece populating all the major blogs and you probably already have it in your virtual wardrobe!  I’ve seen it combined into so many looks by my very talented blogging peers, but when I saw it and the other draped pieces I’ve collected recently, it inspired me to put together this neoclassical post.  I hope that you enjoy my interpretation *smiles*…


Hair: 69 Egoist Hair in Lightbrown  (Ash Pack) (L$200) – get it here

Nail Polish: Reale Manicure in Coffee (L$0) – get it here

Toenail Polish: Love Soul Toenail Polish in Copper (L$15) – get it here

Necklace: +plus Funky Necklace in Bronze (L$80) – get it here

Top: Maitreya Sculpted Top & Belt in Firefly (L$375) – get it here

Skirt: LeLutka Cleo Dress in Gray/Brown (L$300) – get it here

Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Signature Sandals in Brown & Gold (L$0) – get them here


Hair: 69 J.LO Hair in Lightbrown  (Ash Pack) (L$200) – get it here

Nail Polish: Armidi True Enhance Painted Nails Gold II (L$90) – get it here

Earrings: +plus Meandros Earrings in Dark Gold – Peace on Earth Gift (no longer available)

Dress: AOHARU DraperyDress in Yellow (L$280) – get it here

Belt: +plus Adorable Belt in Bronze (L$50) – get it here

Bracelet: +plus Wide Bangle in Dark Gold – Peace on Earth Gift (no longer available)

Shoes: J’s Real Toe Tassele Wedge Sole Sandals in Beige (L$400) – get them here

second-life-style-guide-1 I’ve featured a number of accessories from +plus within this post, and I’m not going to apologise for it!  This designer offers one of the best ranges of fashion jewellery and accessories I’ve found in SL.  The styling is great and the prices are even better. Whilst some of the pieces included within this post are no longer available (as they were Christmas gifts), very similar items are available for purchase from the boutique and it’s most definitely worth a visit (click here to visit).


Hair: JUNWAVE Dolly up Hair in Brown (L$80) – get it here

Nail Polish: J’s Natural Real Color in Gold (Fat Pack) (L$50) – get them here

Earrings: +plus Disk Earrings in Bronze (L$80) – get them here

Dress: Bijou Reflection Gown in Green (L$380) – get it here

Bracelet: +plus Disk Bracelet in Bronze (L$60) – get it here


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