Wot No Blogging?…

Well hello there. Long time no speak! Thanks to you all for your lovely comments and continued visits to the blog over the past few weeks. I’ve been away travelling for the Summer (more on that later) and since my return I’ve been occupied with RL and the production of my article for the September edition of Second Style Magazine. Thanks so much to Iris Seale, Managing Editor of Second Style Magazine, for inviting me to do the shoot. I’ve had so much fun with it and loved having a different format to work with. I don’t want to steal Second Style’s thunder by publishing all the pictures here, but you can see the complete article and full size spreads when the edition is published on or before 5th September at http://blog.secondstyle.com. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the little snippets here :).






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12 responses to “Wot No Blogging?…

  1. Nadja Baxter

    wow ! great pictures and great styles! A wonderful work!

  2. Simply yummy pictures and looks.

  3. Pink

    omg the outfits are so cute !

    Can you please tell me where you got the bow and the dress in the first picture?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Haha thanks Pink :). I was trying not to steal Second Style’s thunder by publishing all the details as they will be available in the complete spread when it is published at the beginning of September ;). However, I’ve been inundated with requests about the dress in-world so here goes:

      1. The dress is from the Paper Couture Fall 2006 Collection, but you can buy it on XStreetSL at https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=223460. If you check the dress out on XStreetSL, you’ll see that it is cream and long but it is editable so if you want to achieve the same look as in the picture, make a copy of everything and then adjust the skirt to skirt length 31 and skirt fit 54. Once you’ve done that, tint the skirt and top to the following settings: Red 97, Green 0, Blue 0, Hue 0, Sat 100, Lum 19.
      2. The bow is from BareRose and was a gift as part of the blogger’s appreciation week. I’m not sure if they’re selling it, but they have excellent sales assistants at the store who I am sure would be able to advise you on that. If you do manage to get hold of it, then the ribbon and lace part is tinted to the following settings: Red 96, Green 96, Blue 0, Hue 60, Sat 100, Lum 19.
      3. I’ve combined the dress with NoaR’s Frill Short Pants in Gray and !Ohmai’s Hamilton Military Jacket in NILENUDIST.

      I hope this helps – let me know if you need any more info!

  4. dany bimbogami

    Great blog !!!! Congratulations !

  5. Carolina Sautereau

    Beautiful looks and pictures!

  6. amberammieb

    ohh I love the outfits and the pics are amazing!! 😀

  7. Just discovered your amazing blog. I love your pairing of outfits with scenery, so well done. Keep it up!

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