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Ring Side View…

I love rings… I have a huge collection in RL and often include them as part of outfits in SL. For me they have to be the statement kind as I’m not that into delicate jewellery particularly when it comes to rings. In SL, I think they get a raw deal in the blogosphere as they’re difficult to photograph and don’t show up well as part of an ensemble. I have certainly found this to be the case, so this post is totally devoted to the rings I have in my inventory.

On a final note, the grid seems to be flooded with engagement and wedding rings, but I rarely come across really great fashion pieces like the ones featured below. Also, I think it would be a beautiful thing if a designer would make a ring combined with prim nails so that you could wear nails and jewellery on one attachment point! If you know of any great ring designers or indeed if you are one, please let me know who they/you are… I’d love to hear from you :).


From top (left to right):

Creamshop Wood Coin Ring (L$95)

!SyDS! Carrot Flower Ring (L$30)

Caroline’s Ladybug Ring (part of the Ladybug Earrings & Ring set) (L$75)

Elate! White Rose Ring (L$85)

Paper Couture Times Square Ring in Diamond (L$175)

Shiny Things Florina Ring in Gold (L$50)

KaNdy Kitty Love Ring in Gold Flake (L$75)

!SyDS! Golden Cherry Ring (L$50)


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