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Tints Hints…

My name is Dolly Ewing and I’m a tintaholic!

With the sterling versus dollar rate coming down quicker then a bunch of adolescents with swine flu following a high school disco, us Brits are getting less and less for our Linden. Certainly in my case, it seems increasingly important to invest in SL clothing items that are versatile. One way that I look to add versatility to my purchases is to seek out tintable items. In this post, I’ve decided to feature a few pieces in my inventory which are adaptable, high quality, have great styling and offer good value for money.

Ingredients: Take one fatpack of Veschi Tintable Tights (L$250) plus a selection of 50 flats by Ding (priced between L$0 and L$70 per pair), add a dose of Dolly’s Tints Hints = Limitless Low Linden Leg Loveliness!


I am sure that most of you are familiar with how to tint clothing items in SL, but those that are not can view a video tutorial here. The video shows how to select colours using the click and drag ‘Color Picker’, but you can also type RGB values into the Red, Green and Blue boxes and those that want to replicate the tinting of the tights as illustrated above can choose that method using the included references. If you want to colour match a tintable item with another piece of clothing, you can find the RGB values for that piece of clothing through the advanced menu (if you don’t have the advanced menu enabled, press Ctrl + Alt + D). Select Advanced > UI > Show Color Under Cursor and the colour references for anything you move your mouse over will be displayed in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. You will notice that the reference includes 4 sets of numbers but you only need to enter the first 3.

Happy tinting :).

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