January 4, 2009 – Campaign for More Layers…

second-life-complaints1So if you’re a mix ‘n’ match kind of girl or guy, then I’m sure you’ve come across this issue. All too often, I am put off purchasing an item even if I love it because I know I won’t be able to wear it under a jacket or over a shirt, just because the creator hasn’t thought to include the item in undershirt, shirt and jacket layers. To some extent, I can excuse Paper Couture for the faux pas (or is that just because I love love love them?) as their pieces are always sold as an ensemble, but when Armidi merchandise a T-Shirt as a separate in jacket layer only, I just don’t get it.

Thinking that there must be some really valid reason for not offering clothes in layer options, I decided to ask the opinion of my friend, Dick Wiesel (Owner of and Designer at WoE).  I asked Dick what was involved in offering more layer options for items when designing, creating and merchandising them. He advised me that no additional expense is incurred in producing an item in more then one layer … only extra time.  The texture is uploaded for one of the layers and is used to create the others. The additional time required to produce the extra layer options is literally minutes.

“If it is so easy, and doesn’t cost the creator much time or money, why wouldn’t they include layer options?” I asked Dick. Dick’s opinion is not that its laziness on the part of the creator, but more likely attributed to lack of care or awareness about customers’ needs. Its also true that inexperienced creators may not include layer options because they are not fully skilled in the art. “Just as in RL, SL creators need to listen to their customer’s needs and respond to them” Dick advised. “I started including layer options for all the clothes I design because my customers asked for them.” He also advised me that customers often complain to him that other creators are not doing the same.


So, what’s your opinion? Do layers matter? Would you be put off buying an item if it wasn’t offered in layer options? Would you choose to buy from a creator because you knew their clothes were offered in layer options? Let me know what you think and I’ll pass on your comments to the guilty parties (they know who they are and should expect my notecard!).



4 responses to “January 4, 2009 – Campaign for More Layers…

  1. Hi Dolly…first time I’ve seen your blog and I really like it. Great graphics work and well written too.

    On the layer question I once wrote Lola at Armidi and asked why some of the tank tops were only on one layer…the jacket one as a matter of fact. She wrote back and said she would take this into consideration in the future…. but this was after the store first opened and so far I haven’t noticed anything.

    So I don’t buy any of their tanks, t-shirts etc without checking first. I do love their clothing but it would make (sl) life so much easier if they would get on the bandwagon with the layers.

  2. Thanks so much Elisabeth for giving me the first ever comment on Posh Totty :). I’m really pleased that you like the blog.

    Since writing this article, I have had some what of a ‘run in’ (as we like to say in England) with Armidi. I bought a plain and simple long sleeved top from their new online shop. When I received it, it was in jacket layer only, in other words ‘no use to anyone’.

    I wrote to complain that no information was offered on the website concerning what layers the garment came in. They replied by stating that the item was an old one not available in any other layers then jacket and wouldn’t work in any other layers then jacket (because it was longer length). I thought the comment was patronising as any experienced SL shopper knows that it’s easy to offer longer length items in multiple layers; all the creator has to do is provide them in jacket, shirt, undershirt, pants and underpants combos!

    I replied back to them making my views clear and asking for a refund. I reasoned that if I’d purchased the item in world, then it would be my own fault if I didn’t check the vendor prior to purchase. I also suggested that they ought to include this information on their website (a simple task you would think?).

    After a week and a further email from me chasing a response, they replied and said they would offer me a partial refund only (amount undisclosed) due to the item being non-returnable. They advised me to check in world in future for layer options prior to purchase, and that they would pass on my suggestion to include the layer information within the website to their web designers, but couldn’t guarantee it will ever happen. On a positive note, they did assure me that the majority of their new items are now made in multi-layer options.

    I never applied for the partial refund. Following my experiences with them, I’m not so desperate for Linden that it’s worth my time trying to get them to respond. I put the incident down to experience, but it did lead me to wonder what the point of the Armidi website is? I think it’s a great idea to be able to browse and buy online and avoid their lagalicious sim, but if you have to check in world for all the garment details in any case, where’s the benefit?

    I think the latter is especially important to note when you consider that in order to purchase from the website, you have to transfer Linden from your in world account and in my experience, that’s a risky business! I had L$865 go missing when I tried to withdraw funds from my Armidi account using their in world ATM. Granted at the time of withdrawal, SL went into meltdown straight afterwards, but it took me several days and repeated requests for assistance before they refunded me.

    I agree with you that the quality of Armidi’s clothing is fantastic and that’s the only reason I include their items within my blog. My experiences with them, however, provided me with uncomfortable reminders of dealing with large corporations in RL. Because of that, the things you’ll see posted on my blog are from my existing inventory only. These days, I’m focussing my attention and Linden on new and smaller designers with whom I have had nothing but fantastic experiences!

    By the way … fantastic blog yourself!!! I’m adding you to my blogroll :).

  3. Ah..so THAT’s what Sugar Daddy looks like! You got yourself a winner Dolly! Smooch’n Hugs Chance XD

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