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Posh Totty – A New Direction…

Since undertaking the shoot for the September issue of Second Style, returning to the constraints of the blog has seemed a little flat for me. I very often have so many ideas for shoots that just won’t work in a blog format and feel that it is possible to do so much more (and indeed less) with a magazine layout. To cut a shortish story even shorter, I have decided to complement this blog with a small digital magazine which I’ve been working on as well as an exciting project for caLLie cLine (more news about that another day!). The magazine will be not-for-profit; I don’t envisage taking paid for advertising placement or reviews and I certainly don’t intend competing with the amazing publications that are already out there (of which I am a huge fan!). However, I hope that I can help out people who have supported me by promoting their work in the magazine. I’m delighted to say that some friends have offered to contribute to the magazine including the brilliant Anya Ohmai and Chance Greatrex so expect to see some content from them … squeee! You’ll find a sneak preview below and I’ll post here as soon as the magazine is launched together with details on how to get hold of a copy if you’d like one. If you’d like to be notified automatically when the magazine is published, you can always sign up for the feeds at


If you’re a designer and would like your creations included within the magazine, please feel free to send me copies of your work. I can’t promise that I’ll include it, but I will if I really love it :). Bye for now!


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Ambitions Fulfilled…


The September issue of Second Style is out now!

Click here to view (feeling chuffed) 😀


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