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Tired (and a little bit sad)…

Well I’ve returned to England and my feet haven’t touched the ground since I arrived. Thankfully I don’t suffer from jetlag, but with RL keeping me so busy, I am properly shattered and it’s been a real struggle to find the time for SL playtime. Worse still, Sugar Daddy had to stay in California and won’t be joining me for a couple of weeks so there is much sadness, longing telephone calls, and my creativity (which is intrinsically linked to my psyche) is somewhat stumped. Anyway, as I’m a Brit and really rather good at keeping calm and carrying on, I have used my most recent life experiences as inspiration for this post… I hope you like it xxx.


Hair: ETD Patricia in Smoke (Blacks Pack) (modified to wear under hat) – location and price not available at time of publication due to sim closure for remodelling

Hat: ARGRACE Casket Cap (L$250)

Shirt: AOHARU Stripe Shirt in Ivory (L$180)

Dress: Armidi Gisaci Square Cut Linen Mini Dress in Dark Gray (L$235)

Jacket: Lost Dreams Kate Blazer (part of the Kate Blazer and Black Cowl Collar Dress outfit) (L$260)

Necklace: Paper Couture Tangled Black Pearl Lavalier (part of the Authority Figure outfit) – Vintage (no longer available)

Gloves: LeeZu Baxter Nif Nif Gloves in Green (fatpack) (L$190)

Tights: REDGRAVE Fishnet Soft Tintable Stockings (L$400)

Socks: Magi Take Shop Over Knee Socks in Yellow (L$0) – Group Gift (join the group at the shop and activate before selecting your gifts)

Shoes: Maitreya SoHo Boots in Champagne Suede (L$500)


I am extraordinarily fussy when it comes to Second Life skins. I trawl the grid looking for them and thus far, I’ve only found two that I really feel suit Dolly’s face shape… Redgrave and Curio.  This new skin from Curio is Lovely by name and most definitely lovely by nature! It has a wonderful tragic look which you’ll either love or hate. Here it is shown in Petal FREX Light Firehouse 2 and I was lucky enough to receive it as a free group gift. However, you can pick it up at the Curio main store along with a great range of makeup options and skin colour tones. Click here to visit the Curio main store.


Hair: Bewitched Hair Joy in Black (Naturals pack) (L$50)

Lingerie: ❤ LoveLace Mortal in Black (L$50)

Necklace: EarthStones Sweet Heart Necklace in Mother of Pearl and Silver – Valentine’s Gift (no longer available)

Bracelet: Heavenly Cross Bracelet in Midnight – Vintage (no longer available)

Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Leather Mules in White – Vintage (no longer available)

Toenail Polish: Love Soul Toenail Polish in Silver (L$15) 


Hair: Zero Style Artemis Hair in Olive (Yummy pack) (L$300)

Shirt: Aitui The Marriage Shirt in Muted Grass & Clay Combo (L$125)

Cardigan: Sh*t Happens Cardigan in Brown (part of the Oldbies pack) (L$1)

Necklaces: Isis Blue Stone Necklace (L$0) / SLink Wood and Amber Pendant (part of the Wood and Amber Jewellery Set) (L$200)

Belt: Paper Couture Boho Summer Belt (part of the Boho Summer outfit) (L$499)

Ring: Creamshop Wood Coin Ring (L$95)

Jeans: WoE Caela Capri Jeans in Oxide (L$350)

Nail Polish: Reale Manicure in Coffee (L$0)

Feet: SLink Barefoot Feet Bamboo Style (L$500)

second-life-bare-feetWhat a fantastic idea! SLink has just launched this prim barefeet range with alternate ankle bracelet options including daisy chain, beads and bamboo (featured). The shaping of the foot is delightful and they come with a hud stocked with a multitude of nail, nail jewel and toe ring options as well as the usual skin tone variations. The hud also allows you to resize the feet with a slider which makes fitting easy peasy. Perfect for the beach or playing footsie with your loved one.


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Looks to Fall in Love With…

Today is of very special significance for Sugar Daddy and I, so I’m in an especially romantic mood and it seems like the perfect time to post this piece <3. If you’re planning some virtual one-on-one time with your lover this Valentine’s Day, make sure you’re wearing something they’ll fall for. Our beloved Second Life designers have created a vast selection of romance-inspired pieces; here’s just a few of my favourites…



second-life-armidi-coatssecond-life-lingerieMasquerade Ball:

Hair: TRUTH Polly in Brownie (Browns2 Pack) (L$50) – get it here

Mask: Moxie Polanos Queen of Hearts Mask (L$475) – get it here

Dress & Necklace: Eshi Otawara Smokey Tux Dress in Deep Red (L$450) – get it here

Gloves: Ivalde Tartania Black Gloves (part of the  Tartania Gown) – Christmas Gift (no longer available)

Bracelet: Icing Princess Pearl Bracelet (L$0) – get it here

Afternoon on the Beach:

Hair: Maitreya River II in Caramel (Browns Pack) (L$200) – get it here

Nail Polish: Reale Manicure in Wine (L$0) – get it here

Hat & Bracelet: ICoN Hat & Bangle in Red (L$200) – get them here

Necklace: Yummy Chained Heart (L$180) – get it here

T-Shirt: Emery Call Me! T-Shirt (L$0) – get it here

Dress: Bingo Hearty Mesh Dress in Red (L$1) – get it here

Weekend in Paris:

Hair: TRUTH Ruby in Walnut (Browns1 Pack) (L$50) – get it here

Sunglasses: Icing Marilyn Sunglasses (fatpack) (L$250) – get them here

Coat: Armidi Gisaci Lima Trenchcoat in Red with Red Belt (L$425) – get it here

Gloves: Bliensen + MaiTai Jungle Gloves (fatpack) (L$300) – get them here

Leggings: Punch Drunk Heart Leggings in Black (L$0) – get them here

Shoes: J’s Real Toe Cross Belt Pumps in Silver (L$350) – get them here

Romantic Night In:

Hair: ETD Bobbi in Cinnamon (Reds I Pack) (L$0) – location and price not available at time of publication due to sim closure for remodelling

Nail Polish: Reale Manicure in Wine (L$0) – get it here

Necklace: Shiny Things Knotted Bead Strand Necklace (tinted and modified) (L$0) – get it here

Lingerie: Insolence Scarlett Lingerie in Bordeaux (L$290) – get it here

(♥ for Sugar Daddy ♥)

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