These Are a Few of My Favourite Things…

Ooooh hasn’t the SL Fashion Blogosphere been full of drama the last couple of weeks? At first I thought some of it was interesting and often amusing (I’ve even commented on portions of it), but now I’m a bit bored. I don’t know about you, but my RL has enough drama of it’s own without introducing it into my virtual existence. I want my SLife to be about kittens and fluffy things… can we soon return to the days when we emptied out our handbags and photographed the contents to show each other (now, wasn’t that fun girls and boys?).

There was a little grumpiness and talk of feeling uninspired amongst my blogging peers recently and I wondered if the negativity was dragging everyone down. I’m glad to see us going back to what I think we do best… finding and photographing and telling our readers about our favourite things. That’s certainly what I’m going to concentrate on and I’ve resolved to not read any posts that even sniff at drama. Incidently, this probably means that this post will contain typo’s as technically I cannot read it, as it talks about drama.

Anyway, moving on; in an attempt to lighten the mood and spread some love, the items I’ve featured in this post today are those things (old and new) in my virtual wardrobe that I adore, find myself reaching for all the time and (unlike drama) never tire of. I hope you like them too <3.

Please note that I won’t be permitting any comments about drama on this post. I’d love to hear from you though if you like my favourite things and please feel free to comment in general on bunnies, flowers, poetry and such. If anyone really does feel the need to ‘have a go’, they could always Plurkerise me. If they’re shy, I believe it can be done in secret with chums, but I’m hoping that I will be considered for a public slagging off. That way more traffic will be driven to my blog, my visitor numbers will increase, and my life will feel complete ;).


LeLutka Sack Bag in Goldenrod (L$275)

Detour London Flats in Brown (L$300)

GBL Charmed Cuff – Vintage (no longer available)

**DP**yumyum Tweed Jacket in Brown Check (L$220)


WoE Kloe Jeans in Steel (L$200)

Yummy Bird Cage Earrings in Silver (L$0)

Sixty-nine Allure Hat (L$150)


Curio Petal Lovely Skin in Olive Branch 2 [Dark] (fat pack) (L$3,000)

REDGRAVE Angelina Blue Eyes (L$100)

REDGRAVE Moulin Rouge Eyelashes (L$90)

Truth Jess Hair in Toffee (L$0)

J’s Real Toe Belt Platform Sandals in Olive (L$380)


Armidi Gisaci Square Cut Linen Mini Dress in Dark Gray (L$235)

LeLutka Dietrich Shirt in White (L$225)

Bliensen + MaiTai Scavenger Tie (L$250)


COCO Valentine Gift Bag – Group Gift (Search for ‘*COCO* UPDATE GROUP’ in Groups, join and activate before visiting the store to collect your gift)

Shiny Things Tuli Pumps in Silver (L$400)

CREAMSHOP Toon Heart Earrings (L$195)

*SHOP SEU* Pompadour Hair in Blonde (L$170)

Muism Satin Ruffle Top in White (L$350)

Tres Blah Belted Tunic (L$90)


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20 responses to “These Are a Few of My Favourite Things…

  1. Loved your post and the LOOK of your post. AND I liked the idea. I’m going make a similar post highlighting my old favorites. Thanks for the great and upbeat idea. In my book they are the things you grab that you don’t have to search for in your inventory – LOL


    PS. I doubt mine will look as fancy but I’ll give it a try 😀

  2. gosh my dear… I wish I could edit photos the way you do O_O with as much talent, artistic-ness and patience as you have! These are gorgeously laid out! I mean I lurve the stuff you picked out but i’m blown away by the editting — how you made them look all scrap book like ^^ A scrapbook of the loves in sl, very inspiring and indeed what we all need right now 😀

    I’m trying to focus on showcasing more looks and less whatever you can’t read 😉 *hugs* I lurve lurve lurve the pictures!! Seems like so much fun to pick out some stuff laying around in your inventory that is worth showcasing with such care. I’m inspired to do something similar, with stuff I really like but I can’t seem to think of any looks for them hee…

  3. Woow Dolly! This is pushing SL fasion blogging to a higher level! LOVE it! yes like Anya says, inspiring and the last picture omg, styling colors those beads…the ribbons..its so beautiful I could stare all day! Thank you for sharing this! BIG HUG!

  4. Ok Dolly..I love bunnies and kitties ❤ AND this fab scrap-book post. I have many of the same favorites…. the Lelutka sack bag, the Coco purse and the Shop Seu pomadour hair especially. Great concept and execution. I wanna scrap-book too!

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  6. my english is too poor to understand your whole post but i know one, no drama hehe.

    ps: i really like your pics, great idea with fav things!:)

  7. Oh my god… best blog ever, hello ?! Can you feel the love ?


  8. I absolute LOVE the way you presented the images in this post!

    • My goodness … just logged on to get this wealth of lovely comments! How honoured I am by all you such talented bloggers and creators for saying such wonderful things. Thank you all so much :D.

  9. great pics, very cool 🙂

  10. Awesome editing!
    Your pics suggested me to peep in your blog, what a nice find.
    Congratulations ~smiles

  11. Isadora

    this post is absolutely wonderful.
    i love how you edited everything!
    it must have took so much time and
    patience. i completely envy you! lol
    omgah, and everything looks so awesome
    i am loving that lelutka bag, the more
    and more i see it. /me must buy

    • Thank you M4ri1lyn – so great to get a comment from a male fellow blogger :D!

      Thanks also so much Isadora – yeah the post did take some time because I’d never done any digital scrapbooking so it took me a little while to get into the groove. Once I was there though, I really enjoyed putting it together – I am a total sucker for details – the little pieces feel like digital jewels to me … hehe! Yes that bag from LeLutka is to die for. I only have that one colour that Minnu so generously gave to group members earlier in the year, but when I went to check out the lm and price for the post and saw all the other colour options, I was in drool mode.

  12. Oh loved the post by the way. YAY

  13. I can’t imagine how much time this must have taken.Wonderful concept and execution. You are a shining star, indeed.

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