Thank You CaLLie!…


I’m sure that all regular blog readers will now be aware that last week, us bloggers were thoroughly spoilt with gifts so generously donated by a host of fabulous designers.  What some of you may not know, is that the week would never have come about or been as successful and so much fun, without the wonderful CaLLie CLine. Not only did CaLLie conceive the idea of Bloggers’ Appreciation Week, but she orchestrated the event and was responsible for getting designers on board to support it.

I know very little about CaLLie, only that she is a prominent figure in SL, has a reputation for helping out where it is required, and is a great fashion designer. However, through the notecards and chats I’ve been a part of this week, it is clear to see that CaLLie is just an all round nice gal. I like her style (and I’m not just speaking of her fashion label here). She approaches the game with maturity, fun and such a generous and warm spirit.

Today is officially CaLLie CLine Appreciation Day as declared by the Fashion Bloggers Group of which I am proud to be a member. Thanks to TearSong Vaughan, fellow blogger, for coming up with the suggestion. It’s a chance for us to say ‘thank you so much CaLLie!’; it was so very nice to be appreciated and we are all very grateful to you.

Scarf, Pantsuit, Bracelet, Ring, and Boots: CaLLie CLine Cover Girl Outfit with Boots (L$299)

Hair: Uw.St Marina Hair Type B in Brown Wolf (modified to wear under hat) (L$190)

Hat: Tesla ‘Sammy’ Hat (L$0)

Nail Polish: Reale Manicure in Snow (L$0)

Spotlight: ..::DARE::.. Personal Spotlight (L$0)

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