Tropical Escape…

As they say in some parts of Britain ‘don’t cast your clout ’til May is out’. For those that don’t know, roughly speaking it means don’t go out without a coat until June. However, we’ve been blessed with some warm days in the UK of late and whilst the only thing predictable about the British weather is that it is unpredictable, I’ve been in a frame of mind to think about my RL Summer wardrobe. This post is influenced by that and the recent releases of Spring and Summer SL Designer collections, including some great swimwear. It may not surprise you to learn that I’m the kind of girl that always accessorises for the beach and I’ve taken this to the max in the styling here. Opportunities to wear a bathing suit in SL may be limited, but if you’re planning a pool party or club night and want to make a statement, you might be interested in these looks.


Hair: Paper Couture Frida Hair in Blonde (L$300)

Nail Polish: J’s Natural Real Color in Pink (Fat Pack) (L$50)

Swimsuit and Flower (modified to wear in hair): Meghindo’s Touch of Sensuality Abaete Swimsuit (L$300)

Necklace: Last Call Kerry Tahitian Pearls & Cameo Necklace (pearls tinted R:87/G:87/B:87) (part of the Go to Girl Outfit) (L$350)

Skirt: &Bean I Kill Her! Skirt (tinted R:203/G:146/B:183) (part of the I Kill Her! outfit) (L$195)

Ring:Vincenca Rosca Star Flower Ring (part of the Star Flower Collection) (L$430)

Stockings: Silvery K Gritter SAKURA Stockings in Baby Pink (L$50)

Boots: Courtisane Hors d’haleine Booties in Baby Pink (L$950)


Skin: [Rockberry] Character Skin (L$0) – Group Gift (search for ‘[Rockberry]’ in Groups, join, and then activate group before visiting the store to claim your gift)

Hair: Maitreya Sunday Hair in White (Peroxides Pack) (L$200)

Swimsuit: Little Rebel Designs Precious Metals X Swimsuit in Silver (fatpack) (L$500)

Jacket: Paper Couture Carnation Jacket (part of the Carnation Jacket outfit) (L$500)

Necklace: Paper Couture Shell Statement Necklace (L$280)

Belt: MAiiKI High Waisted Belt in Patent White (L$190)

Ring: Elate! Rose Ring in White (L$85)

Shoes: AOHARU Suede Laceup Sandals in White (L$580)


Hair: Exile Wild Orchid Hair in Harlow (Blonde Pack) (L$250)

Swimsuit: eLDee Evaa Swimsuit in Purple (L$85)

Necklace: Swallowtail Butterfly Necklace (L$400)

Gloves: Creative Kaoz Dainty Lace Gloves in Black (L$25)

Leggings: *Fishy Strawberry* Fisher Leggins in Black (L$60)

Boots: Shiny Things Wrapped Stiletto Boots in Black (L$400)


Hair: *SHOP SEU* Pompadour Hair in Purple Brown (L$170)

Sunglasses: Paper Couture Logo Aviators in Umber (fatpack) (L$200)

Earrings: Yummy Bird Cage Earrings in Gold (L$0)

Swimsuit: Chic Boutique Versace Swimsuit (L$149)

Shirt: Luck inc. Button Down Shirt in Brown (L$199)

Necklace: Yummy Momento Locket (L$130)

Bracelet: Yummy Found Hearts Bracelet with Color Changeable Bands in Gold (L$130)

Shoes: INDI Designs Belluci Shoes in Gold (L$325)


I think these swimsuits work well as part of an overall outfit, but they’re also fabulous worn on their own. Neither the Little Rebel Designs or Chic Boutique bathing suits are new; I’ve owned them both for a couple of years, but still love them! Meghindo’s Touch of Sensuality is a fairly new label and the work is amazing. The designer, Meghindo Romano, has created one of the sexiest and well designed swimwear ranges I’ve ever seen in SL, together with a beautiful range of lingerie and clothing pieces. The main store is being remodelled at the moment, but you can browse the complete Meghindo range at the satellite store at Casablanca Boulevard in the meantime.  I am, of course, a huge fan of Lilyana Dryke’s creations and the Evaa Swimsuit from her label, eLDee, is typical of the brilliant work you can find at the main store. As I’ve come to expect from Lilyana, it has a quirky edge with a semi-transparent prim collar and cheeky thong back. The range of colours is so lovely, I found it hard to choose which one to feature; at just L$85, you could always splash out and buy it in more than one colour if you can’t decide either :).


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15 responses to “Tropical Escape…

  1. Very beautiful pictures in the bubbles, I find these poses in sl? and the bubble? it was beautiful too! congratulations!
    I have a blog about fashion sl, I hope you visit and enjoy!
    Can I put a link to your blog in mine? Feel free to be like placing my link on their own.

    Lucyanni Writer

    • dollyewing

      Hi Lucyanni. Thanks for taking the time to comment and for saying such complimentary things :).

      I made the poses using QAvimator (I’m sure you’ve come across the free software, but if not you can find out about it here – As it’s blogger appreciation week (, if you or any other blogger would like a copy of these or the other poses I’ve made for my blog thus far, please drop me an IM in-world before 18th May and I’d be happy to send them to you.

      The bubble was made in Photoshop using various crop, layer, filter (liquify), and shadow techniques using shots I took inworld after altering the windlight settings to create different sky and water vistas.

      Of course, I would love it if you would include my on your blogroll. I have visited your blog and it’s very good (I’ll be adding you to mine :D).

  2. I think the poses are brilliantly used to be put within a little bubble~ You did a great edit with the background as well; it’s like I wish I were them! Floating in my own lil bubble and just enjoying whatever view it may be — sunset, sunrise whatever XD it’s prettehhh~~

    Gotta love how even going to the beach can be a posh fabulous event 😉 Gorgeous styling yet again!

    • dollyewing

      Thanks very much anya. When I put the post together, I never thought about the floating away in your own bubble concept. It’s lovely that you saw it that way and I think you’re interpretation is really sweet.

      • oh mai goshhhh~~~ I didn’t see that you had me has blogalicious blog of the month ^^ *SMOOSH* My friend just pointed it out lol
        Thank you so much, I’m terribly honored~

  3. shickazicka

    The pictures, the bubbles and poses are… so beautiful! And I can only follow ohmyohmai your styling is fabulous! I will defiantly send you an IM about those poses!

    btw. I just came on your blog through graciekendal via twitter. Now I have your feed. Give her a hug 😉

    • Yay!!! I’m sooo glad shickazicka :)))
      Dolly, I posted your blog on twitter and facebook again!! I just have to spread the love..your blog is amazing!!! Thank you so much :)))

      • dollyewing

        Thanks so much Gracie for all your support, comments and for posting on twitter and facebook. Love you lovely lady :*.

    • dollyewing

      Thanks for your lovely comments. Gracie is one of the warmest and most generous people I know and I will most definitely be giving her a hug. Please do IM me inworld so that I know where to send those poses :D.

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  5. dollyewing

    Katzy … loved seeing you use the poses in your post :). Thanks so much for the credits and compliments too. For non-German speakers, Katzy says that I am giving away all the poses I have made for the Posh Totty blog (22 in total) for Bloggers Appreciation Week to any blogger who would like them. If you would like them, please IM me inworld (Dolly Ewing) on or before 18th May and I will be delighted to send them to you.

  6. Wow and wow and wow! I am alwyas looking forward to your posts to see what you will do next. You never disappoint. Beautiful photos and styling. I am going to go to the sl beach soon!!!

  7. dollyewing

    Hehe … you’re very welcome anya. It is sooo deserved – I love your blog!

    Thanks so much Elisabeth … you say the nicest things :D. Have fun at the beach!

  8. Dolly you are my bloggin queen! I want those poses! ;D
    The pictures made me think of the four seasons for some reason. Adore the first one! POETRY! ❤

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