Art Attack…


I found a recent SLsecret post highly amusing; someone in week 36 was poking fun at mass produced items using full perm textures and sculpties. In contrast, it started me thinking about hand-drawn textures and the amazing talent that goes into the creation of them. Don’t get me wrong, I think photo-realistic and computer generated textures when done at their best (aka Redgrave) are fantastic, but I wonder if we give enough credit to those designers who create clothing the old fashioned way using paper, paint, and ink. For me, there is just something oh so special about owning a piece that I know has been hand-drawn. Anyway, that got my creative juices flowing and I seem to have been struck with the arty farties. So in this post, I decided to focus in the main on hand-drawn clothing and pay homage to one art movement with my very crude attempt at cubism (no chuckling in the back please!).

Hat: MG fashion FACTORY French Style Beret in Plaid (L$1)

Hair: Maitreya Piper II Hair in Caramel (Browns Pack) (L$200)

Nail Polish: J’s Natural Real Color in Pink (Fat Pack) (L$50)

Glasses: BareRose Glasses SE in Blue (Fat Pack) (L$50)

T-Shirt: Nylon Outfitters Promo T-Shirt (part of the Womens Freebies pack) (L$1)

Jacket: Jacket: **DP**yumyum Tweed Jacket in Check Brown (L$220)

Scarf: AOHARU BT Simple Scarf in Pink (Fat Pack) (L$220)



Hair: LeLutka STEFANI Hair in Platinum (Blond Pack) (L$190)

Mascara: [ glow ] Studio Avantgarde Sylvialicious Eyelashes (L$100)

Nail Polish: Love Soul Malama Prim Nails in Purple (L$0)

Top: AOHARU Drapery Top in Yellow (part of the Drapery Dress) (L$280)

Scarf: MALT Fashions Twilly Neck Tie in Tawny Port (L$120)

Bracelet: COCO Group Gift Gem Bracelet (L$0)

Skirt: fashionably dead Fire Compound Skirt (part of the Fire Compound Dress) (L$275)

Stockings: Shiny Things Solid Thigh High Stockings in Purple (L$0)

Shoes: Courtisane Devoue Sandals in Turquoise (L$690)



Hair: Truth Natasha Hair in Honey (Light Browns Pack) (L$225)

Mascara:  [ glow ] Studio Avantgarde Eyeliner 01 Eyelashes (L$100)

Hat: Elate! Free Tiny Top Hat! (L$0)

Shirt: LeLutka Dietrich Shirt in White (L$225 )

Tie: Bliensen + MaiTai ‘Art Deco’ for Ladies Tie (L$250)

Suit: Thimbles Master of Cats Suit in White (L$110)

Ring, Bag & Nail Polish: Love Soul Holstein Prim Nails & Clutch Bag (L$150)

Shoes: Tesla Natasha Heels in Black (L$359)

Remember, when you buy a dress or any all-in-one, you could be getting more than one outfit for your money! I often split up the top or bottom of a complete outfit to make separates as I have in the first of the main shots in this post. This works best if the outfit is offered in multiple layer options so check the vendor first to see what you get in the pack by clicking the item as if you’re going to buy it and looking at the available layers in the pop up window.


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16 responses to “Art Attack…

  1. oooo did u actually hand draw those drawings??? Because they are good!!
    I love the cartoony yet realistic look of hand drawn designs — they definitely pull me to them. I love this post and I think it’s a great theme to touch on ^^ Those pieces you put together are also from great artists so WHOO~~ go you! 😀

  2. wow..this post is so exciting! The second outfit set off fireworks in my brain! LOVE! Thank you for sharing your genius! ❤ Chance

  3. Annah Whitfield

    This post is amazing!!! The outfits you have put together and the way you show them all… girl you are a creative mind! Luv it!


  4. dollyewing

    Oh anya, if only I was as talented as Nylon and Toast. No, I mainly dabble in digital art and merely admire those that do it all by hand :).

    Chance, you’re a darling… thank you!

  5. dollyewing

    Thank you so much Annah. I’m glad you like the post :).

  6. Wow… great blog and some great looks and I love the way you put them together. You’re going on my list of the Blogs I have to read. 🙂

  7. dollyewing

    Thanks Imogen :D.

  8. I’ve always silently read the fashion blogs I see in the feeds, but I cannot help but comment on this post of yours, Dolly. It’s so well put together and perfectly fitted to the title. The composition truly draws you in. Beautifully done. The creators you’ve covered in this post would be, and probably are, very proud. You’ve made all look amazing.

  9. dollyewing

    Leila, what lovely comments. It would be wonderful to think that the creators like my interpretation of their work. I know what you mean about commenting on blogs. I often admire others work very much but have little time to make comment, so I very much appreciate you taking the time to comment on my post :D.

  10. Super fab….love the concept and the execution! You are a super dolly!

  11. Woah, you have a really nice blog, Dolly! I just found out about it. If you don’t mind, I’d like to add it to my syndication page (that nobody else but me uses anyway). Did you do this collage by hand ?! Love, love, love this post, the outfits, the collage, everything about it is so original!

    • dollyewing

      Hi Lili :). Thanks so much for your lovely comments. How funny, I just found out about your blog a couple of days ago, added you to my blogroll, and I’ve been drooling over it ever since. I don’t think there is one outfit in there that I don’t like. Your style is incredible, your blog full of unique finds, and your avatar is one of the cutest looking I’ve ever seen. OK, I’ll stop gushing now :P. I would love it if you would be kind enough to add my blog to your syndication page – thank you!

      Regarding the collages, the cropping of the sections for the collage was done by hand, but the sketches that go alongside them were done in Photoshop using layering techniques (glowing edges, smart blurs, inverts, etc). I can’t say there was any particular method to putting the collage together; just cropping by eye, ensuring that all the pieces were the same dimensions and had the same border widths, and then rotating and placing to create a flow. It was really experimental and I didn’t know if people would like it, but the first collage has been my most popular image on Flickr.

  12. Dolly!!! You totally Rock!!!
    I am sooo glad and lucky to know you!!!
    Thank you for sharing your vision!!!
    I am truely humbled at your talent :)))

    • dollyewing

      Hey Gracie :D. What a lovely compliment from such a talented artist. Thank you so much. Hmmm… now then, whose idea was it that I should do a fashion blog? Hehe… thanks for always being there for me and for encouraging me to do this. I’m having so much fun! xxx

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