Tongue in Chic…

Those of a sensitive disposition should STOP READING NOW!!!

OK, couldn’t resist eh? I recently had the need to research 1950’s advertising for a RL project I’ve been working on. I love the style of those old adverts, but found the innocence of some of the copy and the sexism hysterical. Well, in my experience, advertising only works if it appeals to the target market and it can only do that if it reflects the opinions and values of the time; so I say ‘don’t blame the ad man!’ However, you can blame me (if you like) for my cheeky and somewhat saucy take on it. But remember, I did warn you :P.


Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth Kitten with a Whip Hair in Starlet Blonde (“Blondes have more fun” pack) (L$300)

Nail Polish: J’s Natural Real Color in Silk (Fat Pack) (L$50)

Dress: Casa Del Shai The Reluctant Seductress Dress in White (L$400)

Necklace and Earrings: Paper Couture Crystal Bloom Set (L$400)

Ring: Paper Couture Times Square Ring in Diamond (part of the Black and White Diamond set) (L$175)

Stockings: *Sheer* Torn Nylon 02 Stockings in Black (L$50)

Shoes: Sylfie’s Prim Seduction Cascade Stilettos in Chrome/Black (L$300)


Hair: Ingenue Marilyn Hair in Blonde (modified to wear under hat) (L$100)

Hat: ICoN Hat in Beige (part of the Hat & Bangle set in Red/Beige (L$200)

Sunglasses: Icing Marilyn Sunglasses (fatpack) (L$250)

Swimsuit: Lost Dreams Lost Dreams Retro Polka Dot Swimsuit (part of the Swimmers and Skirt set) (L$180)

Gloves: Creative Kaoz Satin Opera Gloves in White (L$30)

Shoes: HOC Industries Strappy Stilettos (L$30)


Hair: Hiccup Slow Jamz 2007 Hair in Light Blonde (Platinum/Light Blonde pack) (L$175)

Nail Polish: J’s Natural Real Color in Pink (Fat Pack) (L$50)

Earrings: Eclectica Jazz Chinoiserie Earrings (part of Chinoiserie set) (L$300)

Blouse: Tres Blah Silky Blouse in Pearl (L$90)

Jumper: Tres Blah Belted Top (L$90)

Apron: BLONDE Pinny With Pockets (L$10)

Brooch: Nylon Outfitters Green Shirt Jacket Flower (part of the Womens Freebies pack) (L$1)

Dress: Icing Marilyn Dress in White (L$295)

Bracelet: Atelier AM Ball Bracelet in White (L$100)

Shoes: HOC Industries Sneaker Wedges (L$30)


Hair: artilleri Sabina II Hair in Honey (Blondes pack) (L$200)

Nail Polish: Reale Manicure in Red (L$0)

Earrings: Woo’s! Hoopstastic Solid Colour Change Hoops (L$7)

Vest: artilleri Marcy Top in White/Red Polkadots – Christmas Group Gift (no longer available) – Other colourways are available in store (L$120)

Bracelets: Earthtones Aurora Bangle in Scarlet/Silver (part of the Shades of Romance set) – Vintage (no longer available)

Trousers: &Bean Pull up to the Bumper Trousers in Light (L$150)

Shoes: HOC Industries Stubbers (L$10)


The HOC Industries label first came to my attention in February when I spotted their Sneakers on Xstreet which were featured as the best selling item. With a price label of just L$30 I wondered at first ‘where’s the catch’, but thought I would give them a go considering it a low risk purchase. From the moment I rezzed them, I was in love and I’ve been a big HOC Industries’ fan ever since. Not only are these shoes beautifully crafted from custom textures and sculpties, but they are scripted too meaning that with every pair you get multiple choice colour options. The shoes featured in this post are priced between L$10 and L$30 which is absolutely remarkable value. Guu Nishi, designer of the label, is a thoroughly nice lady and in my opinion a true champion of SL fashion. HOC Industries items can be purchased on Xstreet or at the main store inworld.

*** The generosity of SL content creators never ceases to amaze me and I have 2 designers to thank for helping me put this post together. Antonia Marat, designer of the artilleri label, is the undisputed queen of everything SL retro. She’s recently revamped her main store and launched a separate store for artilleri HOME which is where today’s first and third shots were taken. Many thanks to her for allowing me to take the shots there and for custom making the fabulous tray of muffins for this post. A big thank you also to Tater Skytower for supplying the Cola Machine used in the last shot. Tater is content creator for Taters vintage stuff and this is the place to go for all things Coco Cola! ***


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16 responses to “Tongue in Chic…

  1. Kristie Carnell


    Love your blog…but I have read through all of of your posts and cannot find where you got your beautiful eyes! Mind sharing where you found them?

    • dollyewing

      Hi Kristie. Thanks so much for your kind comments. Of course, I love to share :). The eyes are from Redgrave and are called Angelina Blue (L$100). Redgrave can be found at REDGRAVE Womens Fashion (242, 231, 22). I checked out the current location of the eyes and they are with the Angelina2 skins (go through the main door, turn right and go into the main room, turn left and you’ll find the Angelina2 skins there on the ground floor).

  2. Virtual Neko

    This is an absolutely adorable (and brilliant, not to mention hysterical) post! Very well done!! Thanks for starting out my morning with a big grin… you’ve got a great creative flair.

    Stacia Villota / The Virtual Neko :-)))

    • dollyewing

      Haha thanks Stacia, I am so glad to have brightened your morning! I had great fun putting the post together :D.

  3. Solange Korobase

    I loved this post so I went on and read the rest of the blog. You’re doing a wonderful job. It’s always great to find a new gem hidden among other so so feed entries.

    • dollyewing

      Thanks so much Angie and Solange. I quite like being a ‘hidden gem’ :P. It’s lovely to have such wonderful encouragement though.

  4. WOW! So thought through and cleverly put together! This is one of the best blog posts I’ve read! Blog Genius! Thank you! Custom made muffins even! Hugs Chance

    • dollyewing

      Haha … so funny. Yeah how lucky I am having artilleri one-off muffins in my inventory? (Surely a collector’s item?). Thanks Chance … praise indeed and much appreciated … glad you enjoyed the post xxx.

  5. Another great post! I really love the styling and layout on this one.


  6. Whohoo, they’re great Dolly! They’re all awesome, but if I had to pick out a favorite one (which is obviously what I am about to do) I would pick the Poca-Lola one! So yum! And those are the best pants evaaah.

  7. oh how I love thee so for your awesomeness 😉 Thank you for bringing a smile with these ads, plus the photos are gorgeous so EYE CANDY ^^

    I saw these shoes and I was thinking what’s the catch as well… they’re so incredible in quality for the price — loves.

  8. sasyscarborough

    An incredible post and such works of art, I wouldnt have picked them for not real if I had seen them in Antonias store, amazing work.


  9. dollyewing

    Thanks to you all for taking the time to comment :).

    Antonia – I agree with you about the trousers, I love them and the textures are brilliant!

    anya – Guu tells me that she’s working on some 80’s style sneakers and a pair of new strappy heels so keep an eye out for those ;).

    Sasy – Thank you, but it was a really easy style to replicate because most of the ads of that era have an illustration quality to them, even if they are originated from photographs and SL photos by their nature mostly turn out that way in any case :).

  10. Kristie Carnell

    Thank you so much, Dolly, for the eye info.

    Belive it or not, I already had them in my inventory! I had gotten them when they were first released, back when Redgrave was a small, “virtual” uknown on the Sands sim.

    I’m thrilled to rediscover them, but they do look far better on you!

    Many thanks for your help,

    • dollyewing

      You are so very welcome Kristie. Yes, I can believe that you lost them … the functionality to organise inventories in SL is terrible. I’ve developed an off-world version to cope … perhaps I ought to write about it as it seems to work well for me. I am sure your eyes look just as lovely as Dolly’s :).

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