Ring Side View…

I love rings… I have a huge collection in RL and often include them as part of outfits in SL. For me they have to be the statement kind as I’m not that into delicate jewellery particularly when it comes to rings. In SL, I think they get a raw deal in the blogosphere as they’re difficult to photograph and don’t show up well as part of an ensemble. I have certainly found this to be the case, so this post is totally devoted to the rings I have in my inventory.

On a final note, the grid seems to be flooded with engagement and wedding rings, but I rarely come across really great fashion pieces like the ones featured below. Also, I think it would be a beautiful thing if a designer would make a ring combined with prim nails so that you could wear nails and jewellery on one attachment point! If you know of any great ring designers or indeed if you are one, please let me know who they/you are… I’d love to hear from you :).


From top (left to right):

Creamshop Wood Coin Ring (L$95)

!SyDS! Carrot Flower Ring (L$30)

Caroline’s Ladybug Ring (part of the Ladybug Earrings & Ring set) (L$75)

Elate! White Rose Ring (L$85)

Paper Couture Times Square Ring in Diamond (L$175)

Shiny Things Florina Ring in Gold (L$50)

KaNdy Kitty Love Ring in Gold Flake (L$75)

!SyDS! Golden Cherry Ring (L$50)


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13 responses to “Ring Side View…

  1. These are simply gorgeous rings! So fashionable too — I definitely find it hard to find good jewelry around sl, specially rings. These are really good selections and thank you so much for sharing them with us! ^^

    • dollyewing

      Thanks anya! I like to think that I’m a pretty professional SL shopper, so I’m glad that my self-proclaimed title remains in tact and it’s not just me that finds it really difficult to find them :). Great blog by the way… I’m adding you to my blogroll.

  2. thank you ^^ You are! I definitely find that your pictures enhance a lot of the items and gives a clear view of what we’re getting into before making the purchase. Regarding ring finds, I did manage to see some japanese designers making some pretty cool fashionable looking rings; although most lean towards the cutesy side

  3. Nadja Baxter

    great post !! I love rings too! Thanks for the tips


    I love those rings and your nails too.Where are the nails from?

  5. dollyewing

    Thanks to you all for your comments :).

    anya, I think the Japanese content creators are amongst some of the best in SL, but yeah I agree the jewellery side kind be a bit cutesy for me too. Teddy bear rings and the like are not my personal style, although I do appreciate the quality of the work. Thanks so much for your kind comments :).

    Thanks Nadja and Ana for your comments too!

    PS, the nails are from Love Soul and are called ‘Love Soul Posing Nail in Oval Natural’. They’re designed for photographers as they’re scripted so that you can position them along with your posed hand position, eg relaxed, spread, etc. However, they do a huge and really good range of everyday wear prim nails too. The main store can be found at Nanba (227, 48, 26). Hope this helps :).


    Thanks Dollyewing.I’m going to go check them out.

  7. Cinthia

    Just wanted to say I found your blog by chance, and let me tell you I love it! I’ve read every post, and I love the style, the tips, the photographs, and also the avatar! I know, it must be a new-to-me blog, but I think it’s great and will come visit regularly now, so keep up the good work!


    I bought that carrot ring and ended up buying the chocolate one too. They are now $50 each instead of $30 but still a good price for them. I also got the Bunny Hunt prim nails from Love Soul. Will have to go back and buy some more after the hunt. Thanks for posting this.

  9. dollyewing

    Thank you so much Cinthia. I get a real buzz from reading blogs I like and so look forward to new postings on them. I put this blog together because it’s fun for me to do, but it’s icing on the cake for me to know that it brings the same enjoyment for others as I have in reading the blogs I love.

    PS, thanks so much for the update on the ring prices and prim nails. I haven’t had the time to do the Bunny Hunt yet :(, but hope I will have some playtime this weekend!

  10. Tiffy Vella

    Some gorgeous rings there (and thankyou for recognising the difficulty with photographing them and doing a special thingo–they are easily overlooked)…but I adore those nails to bits. Exquisite.

    • dollyewing

      Hi Tiffy. Thanks for your lovely comments. Oh do make us some fashion rings … please, please, please! 🙂

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