SL Imitates RL…

OK, OK, so I know that this is probably stating the obvious, but in particular I am referring to the recent releases of celebrity-inspired designer gowns. Style icons, for generations we’ve admired you … Second Life fashion designers, we love you for paying homage with your wonderful creations.


Hair: Calla ImSoPreddy v2 (Brunette) (L$0) – get it here

Nail Polish: Love Soul Prim Nails in Clear F-Natural (L$90) – get it here

Earrings: AA Full Circle Earrings in Gold – Vintage (no longer available)

Dress: Lost Dreams Safety Pin Dress (L$28o) – get it here

***I hear on the SL fashionista grapevine that the Lost Dreams Safety Pin Dress is going to be offered for one day only at L$100. The promotional date will be posted out for those in the Fashion Consolidated Group***

Bracelet: Cihuae! Gold Assym Loops Bracelet (L$30) – get it here

Shoes: Kookie Donna Platforms in Noir (L$350) – get them here


Hair: Ingenue Marilyn (L$100) – get it here

Earrings: Paper Couture Pearl Strand Earrings (L$400) – get them here

Dress: ICING Marilyn Dress (L$295) – get it here

Shoes: J’s Real Toe Cross Belt Sandals (L$380) – get them here


Hair: TRUTH Ana Lu Hair in Walnut (Browns 1 Pack) (L$50) – get it here

Dress: REDGRAVE Flower Dress (L$400) – get it here

Bracelets: Casa Del Shai Haver Gold Bangles (part of the Haver Pantsuit Fatpack) (L$650) – get it here

Shoes: Maitreya Frenzy Shoes in Black (L$400) – get them here

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