January Blues…

Everyone is back to work after the holidays, most of us are broke after the holidays; lets face it, most of us are fed up … after the holidays! Its been -15°C in England, but luckily I’ve been in California for the last 4 weeks with Sugar Daddy.  We’re going back to good old Blighty on Monday though so I’ve been cheering myself up by taking those stumpy little avatar feet Linden gave me down to the shops to buy some new things. If its your thing (and I imagine it is if you’re reading this blog), then why not do the same. There may be a credit crunch on, but at the end of the day, where else can you buy Haute Couture for a couple of quid! Enjoy xxx…


Hair: ETD Sofia in Cinnamon Burnt (Reds 1 Pack) (L$30) – get it here

Shirt: LeLutka Dietrich Shirt in White (L$225 ) – get it here

Corset: Royal Blue Body Con Is Not Dead Corset in Royal Signiture (L$100) – get it here

Belt: Elate! Skinny Belt in Silver (L$35) – get it here

Skirt: PixelDolls High Button Miniskirt (Subscribomatic Member Gift) – subscribe here

Boots: Armidi Gisaci Kyoto Boots in Silver Leather (L$475 ) – get them here


Hair: ETD Patricia in Cinnamon Burnt (Reds 1 Pack) (modified to wear under hat) (L$30) – get it here

Nail Polish: Armidi True Enhance Painted Nails in Silver I (L$90) – get it here

Hat: 69 Allure Hat (L$150) – get it here

Top and Scarf:  REDGRAVE 70ties Clubbing Dress in Nude (L$400) – get it here

Tank Top: Ibizarre Knit Tank in Blue (L$100 ) – get it here

Jeans: WoE GRJ-2a Blue Wide Leg Low Rise Jeans (L$175) – get them here

Sunglasses: Armidi Gisaci Lifestyle Aviators in Silver (modified to wear on pocket) (L$325) – get them here

Boots: REDGRAVE Girls’ Biker Boots in Black (L$390) – get them here


Hair: 69 Model Hair 02 in Lightbrown (L$200) – get it here

Coat: Ibizarre Ornament Coat (L$150 ) – get it here

Belt: Truth Ruched Top (L$185 ) – get it here

Gloves: Bliensen + MaiTai Vintage Leather Gloves (fatpack) (L$300) – get them here

Leggings: Royal Blue Meow For I Am Catwoman Leggings in Ink (L$100) – get them here

Shoes: Shiny Things Tuli Pumps in Silver (L$400 ) – get them here

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