Most Wanted!!! Second Life Shoulder Bags…

I wasn’t a fan of SL bags because I’ve never managed to find one with anything more than a bog-standard AO. Why bag designers don’t include a good range of stand positions and reasonable walk bemuses me … I’ve just not been willing to trade the infamous SL default waddle or butch plod-a-long in exchange for carrying a bag. However, after picking up a great tote bag freebie at Sweetest Good-bye recently, I was sufficiently impressed to finally get around to reading the notecard included with my SEmotion AO on how to adapt it and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. Having made a set of stands and walks which allow me to wear a shoulder bag without it periodically disappearing into my abdomen (ouch!), I’ve spent all my free-time scurrying around SL squeeing and filling up my inventory with all the delicious treasures out there. Here are a few of my favourites…

Second Life Purses

1. Sweetest Good-bye Tote Bag (L$0) – get it here

2. BareRose Freja Bag in Pink (L$140) – get it here

3. Zooby’s “The Z Bag” Ultimate Pet Pug Carrier (L$1,700 – expensive but oh soooo worth it!) – get it here

4. +plus *Absolut Essential” HandBag in Teal/White (Group Gift – search for ‘+plus *bags & accesories*’ (yes accesories IS spelt incorrectly!) in Groups, join for free and search the Notices)

5. SLink Signature Series Tote Bag in Red Rose (L$200) – get it here

6. BareRose Lucky Horseshoe Bag in Brown (L$140) – get it here

For me, hand/forearm bags just don’t work well with any AO so I wear them all as shoulder bags. If you have a bag that is set to default hand or forearm and you want to wear it on your shoulder, instead of selecting ‘Wear’ for the item in your inventory, select ‘Attach To > Right Shoulder or Left Shoulder’. You will need to edit the position of the bag after doing this, so I would strongly advise making a copy first.


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  1. Love your blog! ❤
    Added it to my Reader… :))

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